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At Soper's Mobility Aids LLC, we have the equipment to get you back in the driver's seat! Most major insurance companies do not pay for vehicle modifications. Each vehicle may require specific components so please contact Soper’s for a quote on any of the items you have an interest in. Our trained staff may be able to make other alterations to your vehicle so please call with any questions.

  • Valet lift -This device allows a wheelchair user to easily transfer from wheelchair to the vehicle seat. It can be installed on the drivers side or the passenger side, allowing you access to the front of the vehicle, as well as second-row seats, depending on the vehicle. This device also works very well in trucks and large SUV’s that most people with disabilities would not otherwise be able to access. Please call for more details on the Valet lift.

  • Manual exterior rack - This is the most cost effective solution and is relatively easy to use. It manually tilts while the Scooter or Power chair is driven onto it. Most vehicles with a class two or better hitch can use this lift.

  • Interior lift - Interior lifts are available in several different configurations including platform and lift arm. The advantage is your Scooter or Power chair is inside where it will stay clean and safe while traveling. These lifts are mostly used in trucks, vans, and some SUV’s and take up the least amount of space in your vehicle.

  • Exterior lift - Exterior lifts work well on most vehicles that have a class 2 or larger hitch. These lifts can usually be removed easily. This lift also allows you to have the use of the interior of your vehicle if you are short on room. A swing arm can be purchased to get the lift out away from the back of the vehicle allowing you to access your trunk or rear hatch door.

Types of lifts

Interior lift

Lifts and racks for wheelchairs and scooters

Soper’s offers several different types of lifts including interior or exterior, and

manual or power. Most major insurance companies do not pay for vehicle

lifts. Lifts are sold to match the vehicle and the Scooter or Power chair.

Please contact Soper’s for applications and a quote.

Contact us for a quote on the modifications you're interested in.


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We can outfit your vehicle with hand controls for the brake, the accelerator, or both. We can also add spinner knobs, quad forks, tri-pin grips, and left-foot accelerators. We have over 20 years' experience in mobility adaptations, so trust us to put you safely into the driver's seat!

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